ILL Mannered Films Presents 

A Sea Of Green

a marijuana crime drama

From writer/director Myster DL

comes a story about Philip Waters.   Struggling to make ends meat Philip decides to turn to old habits and sell an exclusive strain of marijuana known as "The Grim Reefer".  Little does Philip know, he has gotten himself in too deep and soon realizes he isn't ready to swim with the sharks.  Unfortunately, as soon as blood is in the water the frenzy will begin.   With police on his trail Phil and his friends must leave their home city of Lowell, MA for the secluded hills of Humboldt County, CA.  However, Philip isn't ready to disappear behind the Redwood Curtain and into A Sea of Green.  Ready or not he must prepare for this terrifying journey………..from seed to ash.

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Behind the scenes

premier party

fans, art & Press


deleted scenes

blooper reel

A sea of green interview

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